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Painting is something I’ve done since I was a little child. In recent years I rediscovered my art practise by means of therapy.  Over the past few years I’ve dealt with some mental health issues, and painting is partially what got me back on track. Of course I’d love to make this my source of income. While I do sell my work, I’m no way near that goal yet. Mostly because art supplies are expensive and so is setting up a website and doing some online promotions. Which is why I thought of asking for help (and I just love seeing my paintings being shipped off to all corners of the world!)

Creating more work today instead of tomorrow

By paying for a painting in advance you’ll allow me create more work today instead of ‘ tomorrow’. It will allow me to create more in the coming months, and therefore have more work to sell, and to have more work to stock up my portfolio with to land for illustrating gigs.

These paintings will ship in time to arrive for Christmas or another specific date you have in mind* if you’re thinking of giving a personalised gift to a loved one; this way you’re giving twice!

What do you get?

For 250 euro you get two A3 or four A4 abstract painting(s) on canvas board

For 100 euro you get one A3 or two A4 abstract painting(s) on canvas board.

For 50 euro you get one A4 or two A5 abstract painting(s) on canvas board.

Once your payment is complete, I will contact you via email to discuss the specifics.

All sales are final.

Shipping is free, worldwide

You can let me know which colours you prefer and send in a couple of photos if you have anything particular in mind. Keep in mind though; I’m an abstract artist.

Do note: even though you do have some say in what I paint and the colours I use, I’m creating an art piece, so there will be no alterations. It is what it is 😉

Speaking of the final art piece: you will receive it at the latest in time for Christmas. So this could also be the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one!

*If you have a specific date in mind, when you would like to receive the painting. Send me an e-mail and I’m sure we can work something out.


As a bonus you will receive:

  • A special monthly newsletter with updates on my business. What I made, what I’ve sold, what I’ve bought and a behind the scenes look.
  • A mention on my website, incl. a short bio + links to your social media & website if you want. Of course it’s also totally fine if you want to stay anonymous.
  • A small surprise gift that comes with the painting(s)

Here’s what I’ll use the money for

  • Art supplies (Paint, canvasses, etc)
    Website creation
    Promotional material (A linopress kit so I can make my own prints for business cards etc. + cardstock)
    Advertising costs (Facebook & instagram promotions + Google Adwords)
    Packaging material


Feel free to DM me via instagram and/or twitter or send me an email!

p.s. the studio pictured in the photos on this website is not my studio. I WISH!